Steve Mak (Makaroff) started playing piano back in the early seventies!

By about 17 years old he started auditioning for bands. His first real band was Victims of Gravity, invited by songwriter Daryl Green to play keyboards. The lead singer was Hue Munroe from Simond Townsends Wonderworld! Hugh had the band feature in a music video for John St Peters. Unfortunately there were only glimpses of Steve featured due to the amount of smoke from a smoke machine! It was an amazing experience though.

 Steve's keyboard rig at that stage was a Rhodes 53 piano and a Roland JX-3P

The Rhodes was unfortunately sold many years later to a member we think of Wa Wa Nee!  I think the Rhodes would be almost priceless now.

Then with bassist Daryl Green, Steven joined with Mark Lucas, Matt Handley, Anita Reingard and James Grant replaced Daryl to form FingerPop.

More to come, this is just a rough draft.

Steve Mak the keyboardist for Fingerpop 


Steve Mak, Matt Handley (Pollyanna), Mark Lucas (NuGenes et al,) James Grant

Victims of Gravity!

Victims of Gravity!